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Hello future college goer, or already a college person, or tired of college goer.

Is college starting to stress you out? Are you struggling with keeping up with your work or questioning whether or not you've made the right decision going? Are you feeling completely lost in your college experience? Or do you feel like you are fulfilling someone else's dreams by going?

Well fear no more because Mahogany Jenkins delightfully unpacks her hilarious, worthwhile, and stressful college experience. In her trials and tribulations, she's put together a survival guide that will not only encourage you to do college your way, but also make your college experience MUCH easier.

This is not just your typical "do all of your work" college guide.

How To Graduate College In 4 Years focuses on making your college experience an experience for YOU! Trusting yourself, trying new things, dealing with depression in college, heavy workload, burnout and procrastination tips, working and going to school, life after college etc.

How To Graduate College In 4 Years is a survival guide for those who need an inspirational push for college. It is a guide to help you soak in, hone in, and get to the end of your college experience! Mahogany wants to help you have the best college experience ever, even when you’re not feeling your best or facing adversities.

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