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How To Step Outside Your Comfort Zone

I'm Mahogany

Since I can remember my life has been full of shifts.


  • ​Losing my father at a young age

  •  Growing up in a blended family

  • Quitting job after job or getting fired

  • Suppressing my emotions

  • Hiding my capabilities and talents

  • Mastering difficult conversations

  • Creating a brand that allows my talents to shine!

And sooooo much more!!!


The Problem

Do you often find yourself uninspired or completely repulsed by the false safety of your comfort zone? Are you a person who hates change and does anything to avoid it? Do you self-sabotage by avoiding the nudge within that tells you that you are cheating yourself?

Are you experiencing the same outcome in your life over and over? Or are you in the process of stepping outside your comfort zone and don't know the next step? 

Introducing Shedding Dead Skin!

Just like snakes and caterpillars, humans also shed dead skin. We enter new chapters and close old ones, we let go of what no longer is for us to open ourselves up to what is meant for us. We go through huge uncomfortable shifts that we may or may not be ready for, or we learn hard lessons after making the same mistakes 50 times. 

When it comes to our comfort zones some of us are:

ready for new chapters but still operating in our dead skin 

completely comfortable being complacent

step into our new skin and have no idea how to proceed

The Truth Is......

Most of us are not ok with living a life inside the box, we’ve just been conditioned. Stretching, expanding, and growing takes accountability. It takes guts. Human beings are meant to grow and reach their full potential. Which explains why everything that I went through in my life required me to be courageous.

"Some of us live in our comfort zones until we get an eviction notice." ~ Mawiyah Reed

 Before I went skydiving, parasailing, and zip lining, I had to make some internal courageous shifts first.

I had an insecurity or comfort zone that hindered me for years. Then I decided I wouldn't let it anymore, but there were steps, mindsets, and principles that I took before I decided to. 

In this course, that’s what I’ll unpack. How I made shit out of my shifts, and I want to encourage you to do the same!


"Shedding Dead Skin" is a 17-step audio course designed evict you out your comfort zone. 

This Course Will Teach You How To:

Learn the beauty of anger by becoming fed up with your life circumstances to promote change.

Bring dreams into fruition with the “Creative Resume” to step into the frequency of “big.”

Assess who you need to become in order to step out of your comfort zone to push past limits and obstacles.

Intentionally challenge yourself with the “no way out” method to become obsessed with pushing past future limitations. 


Dip and dab into different areas of life to become excited to see life on the other side, discover ones likes and dislikes, and find a dream destination.


Understand the significance of letting go and making space to let in what is meant for you.

Learn how to conduct difficult conversations and face your emotions to become more authentic and whole.


What's Included?

Shedding Dead Skin E-book

Creative Resume Template and Examples

Bonus Audio "How To Make Space In Your Life"

17 audio soundtracks 

Journal Prompts

How To Process Your Emotions Guide

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