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Drop It If It's Toxic 

Detox Your Relationships For Healthy & Happy Habits

Do any of these sound like you?

You constantly find yourself in relationships that leave you feeling unheard, frustrated, and unsafe whether it be romantic, family, or friend related and want to figure out why.

You keep saying "I am done! I am not going back to this person anymore" and end up  right back in their arms.

You've reached your breaking point in your toxic relationship(s) but have no idea how to move forward.

You feel like putting yourself first is a death sentence.

You get so emotionally involved in their relationships to the point that you neglect yourself.

Guess What Girl? Me too!

I KNOW what it's like to think about a person 24/7 to the point where it feels impossible to get over them. 

I KNOW that feeling of stupidity that comes and goes when you ask yourself the "why am I still with them?" question.

I KNOW what it’s like to morph yourself into a fantasy to please others and even morph others to please yours.

I KNOW what it’s like to want love so bad you become numb to mistreatment.

I KNOW what it's like to make a million excuses for a person that is clearly not good for you.

I KNOW what it's like to hang around people who make you feel unwanted or terrible about yourself.

Hi My Name Is Mahogany!


As someone who experienced toxic workplaces, friendships and relationships for years - I KNOW that frustrating feeling of wanting out but having no idea how.

For years I was a people pleaser who neglected my own needs. I did this to fill my own voids so I could be liked.

I told myself so many times "I'm tired of people taking advantage of me! I'm going to start being mean!"

Did I? No. But when I was finally tired of the never-ending cycles, I made some bold moves. It wasn’t easy, but it was worth it!



The sight of family, friends, women online, or complete strangers in relationships that are destroying their self-worth infuriates me.


 Luckily, I also KNOW how to turn these toxic cycles you're in, into a transformational experience. Not just so you can be inspired to get out of them, but to stay out of them AND attract better relationships.

To help women who constantly find themselves in toxic encounters whether it be friendships, family, relationships, or even with yourself, form healthy habits to improve your confidence and attract healthier experiences.

That's why I created my "Drop It If It's Toxic" Program.


The woman who has firm boundaries/standards that you abide by.

The woman who walks her talk and isn't afraid to walk away.

The woman who is confident in her communication skills during difficult conversations.

The woman who can cope with challenges such as feelings of regret, fear, shame and the pull to go back.


The woman who is happier as a result of building a healthy self-care routine.

The woman who is secure and safe within herself.

Program Outcomes

What You'll Get

30-min. Kick-off Call w/ Mahogany (valued at $97)

Weekly 1-hour 1:1 coaching sessions with Mahogany for 3 months (valued at $697)


Price: $597

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