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Don't Forget To Celebrate Yourself!

Updated: Dec 9, 2023

When my birthday comes around I never know what to do. But when my loved one's birthday comes around, I’m always ready to celebrate!

You know what this taught me?

I have some fears when it comes to celebrating myself.

You see, it's easy to tell someone else "congratulations!" when they accomplish something or tell them how much I love them on their birthday with long paragraphs, loud FaceTime calls, gifts, and lots of hugs.

But when I accomplish something or when my birthday comes around, being celebrated scares the MESS out of me.

When my loved ones asked me what I wanted to do for my birthday I kept saying "I'm not going to do much. I'm just grateful to be able to pay my bills."

Really Mahogany? I'm 24 years old saying stuff like this. LOL!

Yes it's good to pay your bills, but I have overcome so much. My special day only comes around once a year and to just treat it like a average day was absurd because I had not been doing average things.

My close friend Kyjahn took me out to eat for my birthday recently and I had such a fun time! I took amazing pictures, ate some great food, and to my surprise the restaurant staff came out with a light up "Happy Birthday Mahogany" sign with one of my favorite songs playing.

Here's the video:

This day specifically reminded me that I am worthy of celebration.

I had been so focused on building my business, developing skills, (which is great) and trying to get my life in order, that I overlooked my accomplishments.

Who I had became as a result of pursuing entrepreneurship is something I'd never take for granted. We are some of the most spontaneous, bold, and craziest people in the world.

Crazy as in we go against the norm. We question things that most won't, and we solve problems that most wouldn't think to solve.

It is so imperative that we thank our mind, bodies, and souls for going against the norm persistently!

As I've been building my brand I've been doing just that, going against the norm. That is something that will always be worth celebrating.

And not only that, I am worthy of celebration because I just am. I am "inherently worthy" as Amanda Frances says.

And so are you!

This year was the most humbling, seed planting, faith based, and exhilaratingly painful year I have ever had. It's been a year of sacrifice, stretching, and allowing myself to be great. Which has always been a little hard for me.

I'm honestly ready to let this crippling mentality go.

Have you ever been scared of your own greatness? Have you ever treated yourself and your accomplishments like another day?

Why do you? Do you think it's fair to continue to do so?

Let's talk about it in the comments below!

Oh yeah, BIG shoutout to all the Scorpios in the world!!!

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