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3 Simple Tips To Improve Your Attitude

Updated: Dec 9, 2023

Have you ever felt like your life was dull or unexciting? Or bad things just keep happening to you? Do people often say you have a bad attitude? Do you notice that people distance themselves from you a lot? Do you keep getting things you don’t want out of life?

A coworker recently told me how I'm always smiling. "yeah this one here is always smiling what makes you smile like that?"

His compliment intrigued me and then I started thinking, well, what do I do to keep me smiling like this?

These 3 tips are honestly what keeps me going LOL!

This doesn’t mean I don’t get mad. Or I don’t have bad days. Cuz I can be a firecracker too now LOL! But my default or the way I start off my day is usually positive and upbeat. I love smiling too because I know I have a nice smile.

1. Expect good things or look forward to certain things happening in your day. You might look forward to going to see a friend after work, or going home to relax. Or you may not even realize how your life works out in little ways!! I’m telling you when I noticed the little things the big things defff took me out sometimes LOL!!

2. Have a goal for your life. Having direction changed my life. I wrote my goal (Earl Nightingale taught me this) on a card and I read it every morning and night. I feel so happy because I know where I’m going in life. And that’s a great place.

3. Treat everyone around you like they're important. Of course people who deserve it and out of the kindest of your heart. This is something that comes pretty natural to me. This doesn’t mean you over do it or do it when you may not be in the mood. This is not people pleasing or being fake. This is not sacrificing your standards/boundaries. It’s simply doing things like:

1. Smiling

2. saying thank you or please

3. Holding the door open for someone

4. Complimenting someone

5. Hugging someone

6. Asking someone how their day is

7. Making someone life

8. Helping someone carry something

9. Gift giving

10. Listening to someone

Do you treat people in ways that you notice they love? Care to share in the comments below?

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