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How Can Insecurities Attract Toxic Relationships?

To my people with insecurities.... how are your relationships? How do you feel about your relationships? Do you look forward to hooking up with your loved ones or do you feel anxiety or shame?

I did a pre-qualification post on Facebook and I asked "what traits do you believe attract/repel toxicity into your life?"

A lot of people said being insecure.

Let me break this down.

You see,

If you don't feel good enough or like the way you look, you may feel like you deserve mistreatment. You'll attract experiences that will reinforce this. You may have friends who are bullies. Or be romantically involved with a person who criticizes you all the time.

On the flipside you may: push people away, bully people, become very possessive, cynical, controlling, jealous, and clingy.

Did I just push a button?

No worries, think of me as a remote that's going to channel you with purpose.

This pre-qualification post inspired me to put together a guide called "6 Personality Traits That Attract Toxicity Into Your Life." I not only name them, but I give tips on how to overcome them. And guess what? Insecurity is on there.

Do you find yourself in toxic dating and friendship cycles back to back because you don't like the way you look, or you don't feel good enough?

I've got a solution to your problem!

My complimentary 30 Minute Hoppin' call.

During this call we will:

  1. Figure out 1 habits that's keeping you stuck and how to break out of it

  2. Get more clear on why you keep attracting toxic relationships and create a mini game plan to stop

  3. Help you understand yourself on a deeper level and learn to love yourself more.

My goal is to help you with this #1 problem which is back to back toxic dating/friendship cycles and get you to the solution....which is you!

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