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How To Gather The Courage To Leave A Toxic Relationship

Leaving a toxic relationship is just like going skydiving. You're on the edge of the plane, you look down, the crisp wind is smacking you in the face, and the time is coming for you to jump off. Your heart starts beating through your clothes, you see the person before you jump, and you question if you're capable of doing it.

When I think of "jumping" I think of it as something you HAVE to do. The no other option, option. This option is required because it produces pressure. The pressure that we need to do what's required because all the other options such as excuses and procrastination, just take us further and further away from the jump.

Let me tell you, staying in a toxic relationship is just like hanging on the edge of a plane everyday and not jumping. Toxic relationships put you ON EDGE.

Now I don't know about YOU but I'd much rather jump off the plane than hang on the edge for dear life every day of my life. TORTURE!!

The fear is usually what stops a lot of people from leaving relationships that make them miserable.

What's your reason?

Is it the fear of the unknown? Financial instability? Will I look weak if I leave? What will people think? Does it make sense to leave and start over again after all this time I've invested? Familiarity? Fear of being alone? Low self-esteem?

I went skydiving June 4th 2022 and it was the greatest experience of my life. Not just because I'm an adrenaline junkee who loves to challenge herself, but because the simple act of "jumping" is how I go about MOST things in my life.

I just do it. Because I know once I jump, I'll be ok and I'll be guided each and everyday. And not at all am I condoning irrational decisions. I'm talking about decisions where we know deep down in the depths of our soul we NEED to make but we FEAR doing it. IMO jumping is ALWAYS the solution to these type of situations.

What inspired me to jump? Knowing I wanted to do it. And I knew I had to. I was NOT going to back out. I take a lot of pride in being courageous.

Earl Nightingale said that we wouldn't have desires if we couldn't do them.

You wouldn't be searching up on google "how to leave a toxic relationship" if you weren't ready to leave, aka jump.

You wouldn't be venting to your girlfriends about how miserable you are almost everyday if you didn't HAVE to leave, aka jump.

You wouldn't be breaking down everyday and questioning your worth if you didn't HAVE to leave, aka jump.

You probably wouldn't be reading this post if you didn't HAVE to leave, aka jump.

Trust me. I get it. I remember when I first let go of a relationship that wasn't serving me.

You know what happened when I let it go? It hurt. He was the first person I had ever let go of. It was the most exhilaratingly painful feeling in the world. I felt empowered. I felt in control. I faced my biggest fear, which was letting go of someone I loved.

It was my first JUMP of leaving a toxic relationship that inspired me to take a lot of other leaps like parasailing, ziplining, taking better care of myself, facing the parts of me I ran away from aka HoppIN' to myself. etc.

Imagine this: You jump. Out into the clear blue skies of endless possibilities and uncertainty. And you realize that you're ok. Some days are harder than others but you're making it. You can't believe it. All of a sudden, you're loving yourself like never before, you're smiling like never before, and you're brave like never before.

I'm here to tell you like people told me.....JUMP!

And when you do, I'll be right here with a parachute and open arms! You see, it's not just leaving a toxic relationship that's important but also leaving the parts (like you've probably heard someone say) of us that attracted these experiences over and over.

And I've got a solution to your problem boo!

My complimentary 30 Minute Hoppin' call.

During this call we will:

1. Figure out 1 habit that's keeping you stuck and how to break out of it

2. Get more clear on why you keep attracting toxic relationships and create a mini game plan to stop

3. Help you understand yourself on a deeper level and learn to love yourself more.

Want to see the full video of me skydiving? Click here.

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