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Leaving A Toxic Relationship Is A Skill

Leaving a toxic relationship is nothing but a skill.

I was reflecting on my consistency in the past and how it was the not the best.

When it came to producing content I had the quality down pact, but showing up often was hard for me.

I would never forget when a watched YouTuber named Boujee Barbie. She made a video celebrating her business income increase and explained how she did it. Her words literally went through me.

She said "How bad do you want it? If you're going to build an online brand you need to show up for it everyday!" It was here tone and her success that caught my attention.

It caught my attention so well that I did exactly what she said. I showed up everyday for my brand.

How bad do I want to be successful and build an impactful brand?

Really bad!

That meant, I had to be willing to put my best foot forward and do the work that was required to build it.

Guess what? What she said.... absolutely worked!

This connects to toxic relationships because learning self-love attracting better, developing better habits, catching red flags, and walking your talk, is a skillset like anything else.

A skillset that you have to be WILLING to develop.

How bad do you want to get out of these round and round toxic relationship cycles? How bad do you want to stop dealing with the same situations just with different people? How bad do you want to walk away FOR GOOD this time?

After consistently building your skillset, and having someone like me to hold you accountable and guide you through the strategies, you'll start to see the type of people you attract and the way you view yourself begin to change.

Want to figure out why you keep attracting toxic relationships over and over?

Good news I have a solution to your problem!

My complementary 30 Minute Hoppin' call!

This call will help you:

  1. Understand 1 habit that is keeping you stuck and how to break out of them.

  2. Understand why you keep attracting toxic relationships and creating a game plan to stop.

  3. Understand yourself on a deeper level and love yourself more.

Here's the link!

You can do this girl!

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