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Have You Ever Knew Something Was Wrong But Still Did It Anyway?

Updated: Dec 9, 2023

I was listening to him vent on the phone about some problems he had with another girl and how much he likes her.

“Yeah she has a nice body… I really like her.” He said.

A part of me knew he was trying to make me jealous but then another part was just like why am I still on the phone with this guy?

Right after he dumps his feelings for another girl onto me he says, “I love you.”

I stayed on the phone. Something in me couldn't hang up. It was like being paralyzed. You know how to move but you can’t move. You know what to do right, but you can’t do it.

I was confused. How are you going to call me, tell me how much you like another girl, and then tell me you love me?

And why didn’t I hang up? Why did I stay on the phone?

I was hanging out with “friends” one time and one guy spit on my book bag and recorded it. He posted it on Snapchat.

Another guy from school reached out to me and sent me a screenshot of the spit on my book bag.


I still hung out with them anyway.

It’s like I purposely didn’t acknowledge my own intelligence because I was too busy thinking about losing the person, rocking the boat, or looking crazy. Never mind the fact that I was actually being disrespected!

Try something like that with me today, GOOD LUCK!

Have you ever been in a situation where you knew you were being manipulated or disrespected, but still couldn’t walk away?

Care to share about it in the comments below?

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