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The Trauma of Growing Up Quick

Can anybody relate to having to grow up quickly? 🙋🏾‍♀️


Maybe you lost a parent emotionally to drugs 😞 

Became a parent as a teenager 😞 

Experienced emotional neglect from both of your parents 😞 

A lot of people commend my maturity but I became mature from being exposed to a harsh reality as a child. 

I lost my father at 6 years old and grew up in a toxic blended family.

A child can't comprehend death that young nor the chaotic merge of 2 families. 

Before my dad died I didn't even know what death was; after he died, I didn't even understand what death was. 

When days turned into weeks, weeks turned into months, and months turned into years I had to accept that my dad was gone forever. 

So in order for me to survive, process it, and move forward I was forced into an adult-like state of mind.

There were times when I felt very disconnected from my peers because of this.

From my experience, I saw that people who were forced to grow up quickly became very mature or immature.

For people on the immature side (this doesn't mean they're bad) the push into an adult-like state of mind at such a young age leaves them wondering "where is my childhood at?" 🤔 

They openly show their resentment, anger, "frozen in time" mentality, and frustration. 

This probably explains why you'll see someone in an adult body with a child-like mentality.

The movie Uptown Girls is a perfect example of this. 👇🏾 

Molly, who was older, immature mentally, and lost both of her parents at a young age; Ray who was younger, mentally mature, experiencing emotional neglect from her mother and lost her father later on in the film.

Molly was very co-dependent on this guy named Neil. So co-dependent, she couldn't breathe without him. Her immaturity also caused her to be treated like a child by her best friend. 

Ray on the other hand was very stoic and closed off. 

She couldn't handle emotion or vulnerability. At first when her dad died she dealt with it by doing her homework and plies's in her room.

Them coming together ended up being the most chaotic and harmonious thing I've ever seen. LOL.

This movie tells a story, that growing up indeed can affect your relationship with life and others.

 This is the same approach I like to take with the women I work with whether it be on my free strategy sessions or in my 1:1 coaching program.

I help women shut the door on toxic relationship cycles, get them to know their story,(the why) so they can understand themselves on a deeper level, and then move forward effectively with peace and happiness.

To the people who had to grow up quick I see you, feel you, and I am you. ❤️ 

I’m grateful to be able to put this into words and even more grateful that I was tested at a young age because this is ALSO where I get my wisdom from. 

If you resonate with this while reading and finding that your having to grow up quickly isn’t helping you attract the relationships you crave, I have something for you. 

Grab a spot for my 1:1 complimentary 30 Minute Hoppin' calls where I help women understand why they’re attracting toxic relationships and how to break free from it so they welcome more peace, stability, and happiness into their life. 

Hope you’ll grab one. Link is below 👇🏾 You deserve it. See you soon.

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