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Toxic Family Members

You know I find that people who attract toxic romantic relationships back to back tend to have toxicity in all areas of their lives. Toxic friends, toxic jobs, and toxic family relationships.

To be honest I believe toxic households and family dynamics is where the habit of attracting toxic relationships begin.

On my free 30 minute Hoppin' calls where I help women figure out the cycles that's keeping them stuck attracting toxic relationships they always say,

"I grew up in a dysfunctional family."

"My mom wasn't there for me emotionally."

"I didn't get the support I needed growing up."

Maybe there's an aunt, uncle, or cousin you really don't want to be around?

Or you have parents who make you feel like you're not good enough?

Or you have a distant relationship with siblings or cousins you used to be closed to.....

I'm not close with my siblings in the ways I want to be and to be completely honest it hurts.

Holidays, birthdays, or seeing other close siblings reminds me of the distance I have with mine.

I also grew up in a toxic blended family. Talk about wanting to move out at 12 years old. LOL.

If you ask me family members are harder to deal with because their less avoidable.

Toxic family dynamics either make you question getting close to anyone or mortified of solitude.

In the past I would have let my feelings around how our relationship isn't where I wish it was destroy me, self-destruct, feel sorry for myself, blow up on her, or on myself but today.... I CHOOSE not to do that.

I have the tools now to navigate dysfunctional family dynamics. Navigate it in a way that allows me to move forward, accept things for how they are, and gravitate towards people who make me feel accepted, wanted, and cherished. Not worth it.

If you want this result I can help you build this armor around yourself so you're not letting people get you down and falling into toxic patterns because their your family.

If you want some tools and strategies to get through these experiences with grace go ahead and grab the call!

Here's the link to grab a spot. You deserve it boo!

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