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You Can Have A Big Heart and Have Boundaries

Updated: Dec 9, 2023

Some people equate having a big heart with being a pushover.

I beg to differ!

You see, we can have good hearts and have boundaries.

A lot of people are putting on facades or diluting their personalities so they won’t get hurt again. Or worse, they’re hurting others!

Underneath all of that is probably someone who really wants to love, give, and receive!

But they’ve conditioned themselves to think that’s “too friendly” and they’ll get taken advantage of.

I get it. After giving so much of yourself to the wrong people, it’s easy to feel like being generous is NOT the way to go.

But what about giving to the right people?

And if you have a giving or kind nature, doesn’t suppressing it feel wrong?

That’s what sucks about pain and trauma. After enduring it, we take on false personas to protect ourselves.

Like me, I people pleased to cope with feeling safe in an unpredictable world. I never felt wanted so I overextended myself to feel loved.

Being a pushover/people pleaser will get you taken advantage of. NOT having a big heart.

And what’s the difference you may ask?


Why am I doing this kind act and how do I want to make these people feel?

VISION: Some people pleasers/pushovers perform kind acts to be liked and validated while a kind hearted person is doing it simply to make the person happy. They’re not solely looking for anything in return.

INTENTION: A push over or a people pleaser is usually operating from a place of insecurity or, they don’t know how to set boundaries. A person with a big heart is operating from just that, their BIG HEART!

Have you ever felt like you had to suppress your big heart?

Care to share in the comments below?

Check out my video on this topic:

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