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How To Step Outside Of  Your Comfort Zone E-Book
  • How To Step Outside Of Your Comfort Zone E-Book

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    Feeling yourself detaching from your old beliefs and habits but having a hard time stepping into the new you? You know it's time for some new skin or a change, but aren't sure how to proceed? Do you have some dreams or goals you'd like to accomplish but fear the unknown or what people will think?


    In the book "Shedding Dead Skin; How To Step Outside of Your Comfort Zone" author Mahogany Jenkins:

    • 2 methods for stepping outside of your comfort zone to assist with personality type and increase adaptability.

    • A roadmap of who you need to become in order to take big leaps to improve overall performance and normalize growth. 

    • A personalized "New Skin Self-Care" regimen to cope with any fears of expansion.

    • Ways to cope with obstacles associated with growth and develop a fear of staying inside your comfort zone to stay consistent.

    • Tips on executing difficult conversations and building emotional maturity to develop your character and get your needs and wants met.

    • Journal prompts at the end of chapters to keep track of thoughts/patterns and gain clarity.


    56 pages





    • File Format

      The Shedding Dead Skin E-book is a PDF File. It will be sent to your email and be available for download! Lifetime access, as long as you don't delete your email of course!

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