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Identity Insecurities Makeover



In a world that tends to embrace self-separation through beauty constructs, societal pressures, and rules it is no wonder why self-union is frowned down upon. To a lot of people it is unrecognizable because we’ve been taught to basically be something other than ourselves. It’s no wonder why the world is also starving from superficial connections, addictions, job dissatisfaction etc. It’s time for women with identity insecurities to face what they run away from the most, themselves!

Do you find yourself putting your life on hold due to your facial, identity, or relationship insecurities?

Who is this program for:

  1. Women who have facial insecurities that they allow to stop them from pursuing the life they want

  2. Toxic relationship magnets/lose yourself in relationships

  3. Women who lost parents

  4. Women who have been bullied for facial features or identities they couldn’t change like culture, skin color etc.

  5. Women who keep repeating the same patterns in their lives over and over

  6. Women who conform or have the “Nice Girl Syndrome” people pleasers

  7. Question your value “Am I good enough?”

  8. Women who run away from their emotions or weren’t giving the space to process them

  9. Women who feel lost

  10. Women who lack self-trust

  11. All of or most of your relationships are superficial or surface level

  12. You are addicted to your phone on social media/aka you are popular for the wrong reasons

  13. You sense or have an inkling that something inside of you is deeper and

What "Identity Insecurities Makeover" offers is a simple yet

Tools you'll need:

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