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Stop Stagnation With Pain Reconciliation

Do you feel safe inside of yourself? Do you often soak, suppress, or invalidate your pain or emotions? Are you self-separated? 


What if I told you that instead of making your emotions the enemy, you can begin to make them your friend?


What do I mean by this?


Emotions are meant to be welcomed, felt, expressed, faced, and embraced. They are our guides, protectors, and the gateway to our purest form.


Unfortunately, most of us have been told "suck it up," "you're being too sensitive," "walk it off," or "get over it," as if that really helps. Maybe you were the type to express your emotions but felt unheard, invalidated, or ridiculed. Maybe you never even had the space to express emotions.


Which is why I've created this 8-week program to encourage individuals to build a strong connection with their emotions to tap into their infinite power and live a more authentic, fruitful, and bodacious life.


When it comes to individuals who have unhealed trauma the solution to heal from the trauma is to deal with the trauma. The solutions with this package are not your ordinary bright, bold, and beautiful solutions.

The solutions involve truth, painful truths, hidden truths, accepting things you may not like, not being ready to face something you don’t want because of  the amount of courage and vulnerability it takes. 


But the rewards that come with facing your pain is exponential! 


"Stop Stagnation With Pain Reconciliation" is definitely for you if: 


  1. You are not confident in your ability to express your emotions or you feel uncomfortable doing so 

  2. You have been feeling the same emotions for a prolonged period of time 

  3. You run from your emotions by distracting yourself through people, places or things

  4. You shutdown instead of expressing how you really feel or often put your emotions on the backburner thinking “What’s the point? No one will care anyway.”

  5. You get triggered very fast or react explosively to conflict 

  6. You internalize anger or beat yourself  avoiding conflict as much as possible.

  7. You haven’t felt genuinely connected to the people in your life or haven’t noticed any significant improvement in your relationships, self-ship, or friendships.

  8. You feel like no one understands you at all

  9. You want to get more knowledgeable on your pain/ emotional wounds and where you are operating from

  10. You are knowledgeable about your pain but need encouragement on moving through it and processing your emotions

  11. Do you feel like you’re living a lie or not being who you really are?

  12. You believe emotions are the enemy so you let them work against you

  13. You rarely or never speak up for yourself  

  14. You weren’t taught how to give your emotions space or validity 

  15. You lack self-trust

  16. You weren’t raised in an environment that encouraged you to authentically express your emotions or you often did, but didn’t receive the reaction you wanted. 

  17. You don’t feel safe being yourself

Make their pain work for them instead of against them to promote self-union

Connect their own dots by understanding their pain and where they are operating from

Courageously travel through their dark emotions and 

Give themselves space to feel their emotions freely and manifest a more authentic lifestyle. 

Become their biggest advocate by owning their story/honoring their pain

Understand the significance of emotions and the cost of not processing them 

Be encouraged to compassionately navigate through their dark corners to accept who they are even when things get scary emotionally

Develop self-commitment by uniting with the parts of you that have been calling for your attention so long

To get to the root of their unresolved wounds and triggers

To leader themselves 

To build a positive relationship with their emotions by reconciling with their pain/befriend their emotions

From demonizing their emotions or fighting them to making amends with them and treating them like friends 

From not understanding the effects of suppression to becoming more aware of how it causes a lot of dis-ease in the body 

From suppressing their story or being ashamed to being able to tell their story in whatever ways work for them

From not trusting their decisions or opinions to trusting in their ability to make decisions on their own

From trying to fill voids/being depending or needy on others to figuring out their own needs 

From not believing in their capabilities to express to finding the value of their voice 

From being stuck and stagnated or being mad about something for years to willingly letting go and going at their own pace

From having no foundation/ritual/self-care practices or little to integrating some that works for them 

From a place of lack to a place of fulfillment 

From the outside to the inside 

From neglecting themselves or ridiculing their emotions to accepting, loving, and caring for themselves and their emotions


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