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No You're Not Being Too Sensitive!

1. Sensitivity Cannot Be Controlled!

Whether you like it or not this is a characteristic that feels like a DNA trait. You have to own this! Let’s violate the insensitive who “can’t feel a thing." As much as feeling everything drains me sometimes I'd be really scared if I couldn't feel any emotions at all.

2. It Is Another Way Of Saying "I've Been Through This Before And I Don't Want This To Escalate."

Listen, most of my "sensitive moments" were triggers from the past. A lot of the times I am having a flashback and trying to flash forward to the present by PREVENTING the situation from happening again!

3. You Are Tapped Into Your Emotions!

Sensitivity is being human and allowing yourself to feel. Sensitivity is being in tune with yourself, listening to your inner compass, and allowing your gut to guide you. It is a tool that helps us sense when we are in danger quicker than the others. Delicacy is overthinking because something really is wrong. Being tapped into your emotions also means you are emotionally intelligent which is knowing what you feel, how you feel it, and where you feel it.

4. It Is Strength And Vulnerability At The Same Time

It is the entity of bravery. Sensitivity is an energy that carefully balances us through this unbalanced life! Sensitive people feel what others are scared to. Because we’ve felt it all before we implement this in our vibes, soul, and spirit. In fact most of my courageous moments stemmed from my ability to go deep.

5. Sensitive People Have The BEST Nurturing Techniques.

Do you know how many times I've been told I'd make a great mom? Or how many times I've been commended for my advice? Because of my sensitivity I empathize well with those around me. Without our sensitivity we wouldn’t have the capability to form close relationships. Sensitive people carry a peaceful, soulful, and magnetic vibe. We're also very affectionate!

6. Sensitive People See With A Bird Eye View

What goes on inside of the mind of a sensitive person? Worry, self doubt, broken promises, pain, happiness, regret, anger, hunger to be understood, failures, and repeat. Repeats that turn into pauses, pauses that begin to play out as we openly observe and accept our mistakes. These pauses start to play when our mess ups become our passions. We begin to see life more clearly because we feel deeply.

When does a sensitive person every congratulate their ability to feel on a deeper level? When does a sensitive person ever take the time to thank themselves for their overriding mind that constantly challenges them? I'd be lying to you if I said being vulnerable is easy. I'd really be lying to you if I said I enjoy it 24/7. What I do know is that without my sensitivity I wouldn't be able to write this or any of my other writing pieces. Without sensitivity there’s no creativity to graciously cultivate an intellectual sanctuary.

This chaotic world needs someone who is not afraid of expressing their emotions wholeheartedly because strength is impossible without a break down.

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