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When Someone Is Using You For Their Own Benefit

Ever felt like someone was using you for their convenience? Ever felt like a placeholder, the last slice of bread, or the 2nd option? Like the person only called when no one else was available?

Sucky feeling isn't it?

It makes you feel like you're not good enough to be loved or accepted for who you are. You're only good enough to have half of someone, or to be breadcrumbed.

Is this the real truth? No.

Then why do we accept it?

I talked to a woman on my free 30 Minute Hoppin' call and she expressed how her ex was using someone before he was with her and she knew about it.

He eventually did the same thing to her when they got together. Hot and cold behavior, coming around when he wanted, and playing mind games with her, were all examples of him using her for his convenience.

But when we know we're being used and have trouble letting go it could be a deeper reason behind that.

When I asked this woman in particular how she feels about being alone she said she hates being alone. It makes her feel like she's disappearing.

You see this man was using her for his convenience and she was using him to not feel the pain of being alone.

 Her inability to be alone is the real reason she was tolerating being used.

I find that if you're a person in a relationship with someone who is taking advantage of you or using you for their convenience, and you stay, you may be using them for something as well.

You can tell when someone is not truly interested in you. You know you're being used. You know this relationship is NOT IT. But for some reason you can't let go.

Book my FREE 30 Minute Hoppin' Call so we can figure out why, and create a customized game plan so you can break free from the cycles!

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